Addon Managed Hosting

Everybody needs a little help now and then. Dont have a server with Z4?
That's ok, we'll manage your server even if its from another provider.

Description Price per server

Managed Server Backup

  • Enterprise grade software
  • System administration and support
  • Great for individuals and small businesses
  • Includes 20 GB of high availability storage
  • Each additional GB is $1 in 20 GB increments

$40 / month

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Server Monitoring & Remediation

  • 24x7 server and service monitoring and remediation
  • Rapid response and customized escalation procedures
  • Proactive support

$25 / month

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Server Security

  • Get comprehensive, ongoing server security management
  • Servers are securely deployed and remain patched and hardened throughout their lifecycle
  • Operating system support varies. Please contact sales for information.

$40 / month

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Monitoring & Security Bundle

  • Maximized value
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Servers are patched and hardened by our team of hosting experts

$55 / month

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Server Administration

  • On demand system administration
  • Discounted system administration time to a la carte customers
  • System administration assistance on demand is available

$62.50 / month

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