Fully Managed Hosting

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Fully Managed Hosting

All applications require a well-structured, secure and high-performing hosting platform and thats what Z4 delivers. But when your infrastructure is coupled with expert management, your hosting performance is taken to the next level. Fully Managed hosting solutions from Z4 provide database security, monitoring, backup and storage services.

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Process Overview

Steps Description


  • Business expectations are examined
  • IT implementation based on current and future technology needs


  • Systems architecture is created (applicable for current and future use)
  • Determination of how well work as an extension of your IT team


  • Proactive management of your account
  • We anticipate and mitigate risks to secure your IT infrastructure


  • Benchmarking of data to properly report the status of IT systems
  • Gauge trends that might cause future changes
  • Ongoing reviews via quarterly white board meetings and regular reports

Database Services

  • A senior (and super experienced) database administrator (DBA) reviews your current database implementation
  • A custom monitoring and response plan that includes threshold alerting on memory usage, CPU utilization, disk I/O performance and database capacity
  • Changes to your database environment will follow documented change control procedures for quick reference and user accountability
  • Optimization of your Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL Server environment
  • Get detailed performance reports through the customer portal on-the-spot
  • Monthly follow-up and review by your technical account manager and senior DBA


Think of Z4 as your personal watch dog, we will review your current threat level and collaborate with you on the things that will keep your IT environment secure:

  • Your dedicated team will build hardened security systems using industry best practices, theyll reference organizations such as The Center for Internet Security (CIS) and Microsoft
  • A change control process identifies any security updates applied to your hosted infrastructure
  • Your security posture is kept up-to-date with monthly status checks and reports
  • Any updates to your security profile are applied to the original security plan for your business


No one can predict the future, but proactive thinking can help weather potential storms. Z4 makes accurate predictions by scalability. Our monitoring strategy starts with an escalation procedure, your dedicated team is the first line of defense if something seems out of sorts:

  • Monitoring is based on industry-accepted best practices
  • Information is integrated into a run-book, specific to your business
  • We identify relationships of monitored systems, define components to monitor and develop proper monitoring thresholds
  • Custom logs are identified to monitor and develop customized remediation plans
  • We proactively assess monitored data to predict and prevent system bottlenecks


Whats a storage engineer to do? At Z4, he or she will recommend and manage the best storage solution for your business. We collaborate with you from the jump to develop the right capacity growth plan that will evolve with your business. The plan is evaluated during monthly reviews to prepare for any required changes.

  • We collaborate with you to design a high performance and highly available storage infrastructure
  • Your current storage needs are defined and we will give you options that include high-availability storage, iSCSI vs. Fiber Channel Network, or SATA vs. Fiber Channel Disk Drives
  • We ensure that performance bottlenecks in your environment are kept at bay
  • We help anticipate spikes in storage needs and manage growth by preparing migration scenarios for larger storage systems
  • We monitor your storage utilization and produce Aggregate Storage Usage reports,
  • Performance metrics such as disk I/O, are reviewed to ensure your storage system is never the bottleneck
  • Snapshots and data replication are monitored to make sure your data is always available


Having a backup plan should never be an afterthought, especially when it comes to your IT infrastructure. With Fully Managed hosting, youll get a customized continuity plan can handle ANY disaster and keep you up and running.

  • Backup strategy is set during the initial consultation
  • Backup activity is put onto a separate network to isolate traffic and identify impact activities
  • Your comprehensive backup and recovery plan defines backup retention periods and identification of backup exclusions specific to your business
  • Backup encryption options and application-specific backup strategies are recommended
  • Rigorous backup verification procedures are performed to make sure your data is available when you need it
  • Data integrity is verified for each backup session; Get optional test-recovery strategies and scheduled backups during off-peak hours
  • Get regular aggregate backup usage reports and alerts that show successful backup sessions, critical trends and impending limits so you can plan for additional capacity

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