Firewall Solutions for a Dangerous Virtual World

Why risk intrusion or threats to your servers that could compromise the confidentiality
and integrity of your data when you can easily implement Z4’s firewall solution?

Cisco ASA 5500 Series


  • Firewall throughput
  • VPN throughput
  • Concurrent sessions
  • Connections per second

$220 / month


$270 / month

5510 SP

$450 / month


$1080 / month


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Key Benefits of Z4’s Firewall Solutions

Our security experts will configure the firewall to meet your needs,
ensuring an extra layer of defense for your servers.

Firewall Management

Network security requires vigilance and a quick response to incoming threats. Z4’s security engineers are available 24x7 to monitor your firewall and help you implement the best security strategy for your environment.

Basic Management includes:

  • Initial provisioning and configuration
  • 24x7 uptime monitoring with planned reactions
  • On–demand upgrades and patch management
  • Modify firewall rules and policies (up to 200 rules)
  • Transparent mode is used for Dedicated Servers; NAT configuration is available in Dedicated Cabinets
  • 2 Web VPN Users (Cisco ASA firewalls only)
  • 2 Site to Site VPN licenses

Our certified security experts set up, configure, monitor and maintain firewalls including firmware upgrades. In the event there is any problem, you are assured that our team is working the issue and escalating to priority support with our vendors if needed — making sure you are informed all the while.

Firewall services from Z4 ensure that traffic designed to compromise your site is blocked, while enabling your employees, customers, users and partners to access your hosted application seamlessly.

VPN services through a firewall appliance secures communication privacy with IPSec VPN functionality and provides strong encryption and authentication.

While some compliance mandates such as the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard require a firewall, other compliance mandates call for an assurance of the protection of critical data. Firewalls are well maintained and updated frequently, providing the foundation of critical dedicated server security.

Additional Firewall Services

The following additional services are available on Cisco ASA firewalls:

Dedicated Cabinet Firewall Services

Service Setup
Additional Web VPN clients (SSL VPN), 10 licenses $1000
Site–to–Site (IPSec) VPN Configuration $150
High Availability/Redundancy Configuration* $300
Port Address Translation (PAT) Configuration $150

*requires two dedicated devices

Dedicated Server Firewall Services

Service Price
Additional Web VPN client (SSL VPN), 1 license $25/month
Site–to–Site (IPSec) VPN Configuration $150 setup

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