Storage Cloud

Speed and flexibility — the two magic words make Z4 Storage Cloud one of the
best platforms in hosting. Store and manage unlimited files using our online control panel.

  • Pay as you grow

    Pay as you grow

    Use as much or as little cloud storage as you want and pay as you grow.

  • Mobile Storage

    Mobile Storage

    Store pictures, videos, music, messages and more from your mobile devices.

  • High Performance

    High Performance

    Redundant High-Speed Cloud Storage with high availability and asset durability starting at 30¢/GB.

  • Access Control

    Access Control

    Each container that you create for your files can be marked as either private or public.

  • CDN Delivery

    CDN Delivery

    Utilize lightning fast CDN delivery of Cloud Files stored content starting at only 36¢/GB.

  • 24/7 Support

    24/7 Support

    Z4 Storage Cloud provides an integrated experience unmatched by other cloud storage providers.

Storage Cloud

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Storage Cloud Benefits

Fast storage at great rates with cloud capabilities.

With Z4’s Storage Cloud, you don’t have to contend with hefty pricing. Each GB is 30 cents and you’ll receive discounts as you use more. On-premise storage can be accessed “via the cloud.” This’ll reduce your server resource use and the need for a separate cloud account. You’ll only see bandwidth charges for outbound transfers—all uploads to Z4 Storage Cloud node are free.

Simple management and integration.

Z4 Storage Cloud provides an integrated experience unmatched by other hosting or cloud storage providers. Access the standards-based Storage Cloud platform through Z4's easy to use cloud control panel. With Z4, you’re set—there’s no need to buy third-party integration products.

Cost-effective disaster recovery, backup and archiving repository.

Get data off your server and out of the data center to protect against all types of disasters, from human-error to loss of network connectivity and everything in between.

Storage Cloud

$ 19 /Mo.

  • Unlimited Files 36¢/GB
  • Bandwidth Out 36¢/GB
And Get Free Month

Storage Cloud

Our Billing Philosophy—No Hidden Fees

Hidden charges can be a downer for any customer. That’s why you’ll always have transparent billing at Z4. We’ve created a simple utility billing model for Storage Cloud that measures only the core aspects of an online storage service: capacity and bandwidth. Our model is easy to understand and the best part? No surprises at billing time.

Storage Monthly Cost
Unlimited Files 36¢ / GB

Bandwidth Pricing

Bandwidth Monthly Cost
Bandwidth Out 36¢ / GB
Bandwidth Out (CDN-Enabled) 36¢ / GB
Bandwidth In No Charge

Request Pricing

PUT, POST, LIST Requests Monthly Cost
Files under 250 KB in size FREE
Files over 250 KB in size FREE

HEAD, GET, & DELETE Requests Monthly Cost
Any size file FREE

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